I Love Pete the Cat

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As a side note, I used to write reviews for kidlit and really miss writing those (though half the time I was missing the deadline and panicking about getting them done and none of them were edited and they were all probably written horribly with all my grammar errors but oh well.)

So here it is, my own personal reviews! I’m going to try to complete one of these every monday. Yep. That’s the goal. By 100 mondays I might be an expert! (ehhhhhh probably not!!!)

Anyway, I wanted to begin with Pete the Cat with a story. Yesterday I had brought out several of my favorite PBs into the living room to go over them for inspiration, prepping for blog things, mulling over my own manuscript, when my father looked at Pete the Cat and goes, “If this guy can be an illustrator then even I could be one.”

Here we go with this “my two-year-old can draw better than that” nonsense. I laid it out for him like so

The makings of a TOTALLY AWESOME Picture Book requires:

  1. COLOR/ILLUSTRATIONS are bright and eye-catching, primary color compositions add a great design element, and style matches the MC perfectly
  2. MC CHARACTER is fun and lovable, definitely requires a series, and has a cute moral theme thats not preachy at all
  3. THE WRITING is so re-rereadable that it almost gets stuck in your head like a song with it’s bouncy and flowing repetitive sentences AND it works very nicely with the design.
  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT part is every kid that I’ve watched read or listen to Pete the Cat has LOVED it.

I didn’t change his mind at all but he did love the cat (HAHA!) and so did my friend’s little boy when I bought him Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses. A few weeks later my friend sent me a video of them BOTH reading it, she beginning the page and he finishing the rhyme.

So I guess this isn’t really a review, more of my personal experience as to why this is such an awesome PB series, still a good beginning post. I’ll see what I’ll do next monday!


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