Monday Review! (though Monday’s almost over…)

1259-counting lions front-1212-600.jpg

2015,Candlewick Press, Ages 3 and up, $22.00


Late review, but I will post another one tomorrow along with a little writing activity so two this week for the price of a late one that I already wrote? Yes! So here is the original review for Katie Cotton’s Counting Lions:

Beginning with one lion and ending with ten zebras, Cotton’s beautifully poetic picture book counts up to ten threatened species of animal. Walton’s realistically rendered and powerful charcoal drawings capture each animal’s natural movement and grace. Before the counting starts, a forward written by Virginia Mckenna sets the tone for the reader as the numbers of each of these animals are rapidly counting down by the week because of the increase in the human population and dwindling of certain important habitats. More information about the ten animals, the lions, gorillas, giraffes, tigers, elephants, Ethiopian wolves, penguins, turtles, macaws, and zebras, can be found near the back. Each fact includes the animal’s habitat, behaviors, and protection status. This recommended masterpiece for grades kindergarten to 12 not only teaches young readers their numbers one to ten, but also makes older readers aware of the depletion of certain natural habitats that put these wonderful creatures in danger.

Okay, the good/bad list:

Good: LOVE the art, beautiful drawings oh my gosh.

Good: LOVE the poetry, perfect example of poetic writing without rhyme.

Good: Facts about the animals and habits near back so that the older kids may read and the younger ones can just enjoy the counting (though they may want you to read it all! :D)

Bad: This is a big book and I can visualize all the damage it’s going to go through as picture books usually do. Because of this, it may not have the lovable re-readablitly like some other, more sturdy books.

Alright! That’s it for tonight!

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