Monday Review! (Only it’s Tuesday…)

Charlie, alpha, tango…


2015, Candlewick Press, Ages 5 to 8, $18.99


These three words may seem randomly thrown together but in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, “Charlie-Alpha-Tango” spells “cat”. Emergency services including the police, firefighters, the military, and the Red Cross use this alphabet as a way to communicate clearly. Arsenault’s concept and fantastic illustrations make this alphabet book a unique learning experience for the ABC learner and anyone who may not know the NATO phonetic alphabet. Because of the engaging concept and illustrations meant to inspire different interpretations of each object representing each word in the alphabet, furthering Arsenault’s idea of communication between the reader and listener, a parent may be just looking for a standard ABC book and might pass this particular one by. Despite that, Arsenault’s work is great for any child between ages 5 to 8 and makes a good addition to a picture book enthusiasts’ library. Arsenault’s alphabetic masterpiece is also recommended for anyone who also wants to learn the NATO phonetic alphabet as well. 

Here’s the short, sweet, good/bad list!:

  1. Good-I already said how much I like the illustrations. Certainly in love with them!
  2. Good- Concept is simple and unique! I have’t seen anything like it (but if you have, point me in the direction!)
  3. Bad- Some parents may just want a standard alphabet book without the concept of learning IRSA and the idea may not be for everyone.
  4. Good- Kids can learn about 2 alphabets! Learning multiple things sounds good to me!

Arsenault created a beautiful alphabet book and I recommend it!

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