Reviewing Rosie Revere, Engineer

This story’s about Rosie Revere, who dreams of becoming a great engineer. With her hot dog dispenser and helium pants, for her uncle and aunts,  she chose a fine career! But one failure lead to an uncle’s laughter and tears, “all to the horror of Rosie Revere.” She promised herself “never again!” that day and hid all her inventions away, along with her dreams of becoming a great engineer…

but failure you need, indeed, to succeed.


UGGGGG 10.jpeg

ABRAMS Books for Young Readers/ABRAMs, $16.95, 2013 


With lovable rhyme and Roberts’ uniquely designed illustrations, Beaty tells a tale about failure and why it should be celebrated. Because Beaty’s work is in rhyme and is fairy short, the work has that re-readability that some books don’t have and may also have a good bed time story quality as well. Recommended for ages 4 to 8 and to anyone that loved Iggy Peck, Architect. 

The good/bad list (or in this case, pretty much just the good list):

  • Good-love the rhyme! (if you couldn’t tell already, I butchered that first paragraph, at least I had fun!)
  • Good-Re-readability
  • Good- Illustrations are cute, uniquely designed, and match well with the manuscript.
  • Good-The overall package is very silly in nature with the kooky inventions and funny characters. I can see a child trying to make a cheese hat of some sort!( or at least playing with spray cheese haha)
  • Good (maybe bad?)- The topic is a practical one as the story is about something the child will eventually have to decide on when they become an adult, however with the never giving up moral and the story’s silliness, I don’t think this practical topic is necessarily bad.

End Note: maybe I should just write Tuesday reviews?


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