Monday Review! My Wild Family

UGGGGG 13.jpeg

2015, Chronicle Books LLC, Ages 3 to 5, $17.99

Laurent Moreau

What would it be like to have a fierce and hairy lion for a father? Or a shy and beautiful giraffe for a mother? A dreamer bird brother, or what about a hungry uncle bear? This young narrator has many unique family members to admire and to share. Originally published in France in 2013 titled Ma Famille Sauvage, Moreau’s intricately active illustrations painted brightly in flat color blends well with the short and sweet storyline that invites the reader into a very special family of a young human girl. The large size of Moreau’s full spread pages help draw the readers into this colorful, flat world of wild individuals and would make a perfect show and tell or preschool class story time book. Each member of this wild family has something special about them, leaving the question for all recommended readers of ages 3 to 5 at the end, “What makes you special?” 


The Good/Bad List:

  • Good-Illustrations=love. Every page is so big and brightly colored and intricate  it draws the eyes immediately. I look at this and think back to the illustrations I loved as a kid (I was a Dr. Seuss/Goodnight Moon/anything colorful or has dinosaurs or animals kid) and think, kids would like this. Of course I could be wrong! Oi!
  • Good- The theme is of Moreau’s work asks an important question; “What makes you special?”
  • Good-writing is quirky and fun. Introduction to metaphors!
  • Bad(ish)- I’m not sure how much of a re-readability there is. Sometimes the illustrations can outshine the writing in PBs and I think this is one of those cases. The times I’ve gone through the book, I took much longer gazing at the illustrations that paying attention to the writing. However, most kids will be looking at the pictures and I might just be children’s illustration lover. (hey, it is what it is)
  • Bad- I say this about every large picture book, this books is big. It will probably get ruined/torn. On the other hand though, good show and tell/story time size.

And that’s it! Hey, I might do another one this week (maybe.) I really want to write a review on Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.


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