Dragons Love Tacos!

Hey you!

Have you ever wanted to host your very own party for dragons? Well there’s something that you need to know, and that is dragons LOVE tacos!


They like beef tacos and chicken tacos. Big tacos and small tacos, even itty bitty tacos. Make sure you bring all the tacos and extra backup tacos just in case. BUT , make sure to NEVER EVER give a dragon a spicy taco! In Rubin’s quirky, awkward and hilariously illustrated picture  book, the readers will find out exactly why one should never give a dragon spicy taco toppings. There are no big moral or teaching topics here, just pure entertainment! Recommended for ages 4 to 8.


The Good/Bad List:

  • Good- the illustrations are that awkward funny type and suits the informercial “you” tone of the manuscript perfectly. Good match! 
  • Good-definitly re-readable! I even got a 23 year old to buy this PB at the store with some other kinds (haha) Dragons are a popular topic!
  • Bad- I can’t see Rubin’s PB as a bedtime story. It’s too exciting! I feel like if I was read this as a kid before bed, I’d be bouncing around. I also can’t see this being for school either, but I could be wrong! (twice!)
  • Bad- okay, this is just a preference, but the little specks that are in the background just reminded me of a speckled bird egg and I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.
  • Good- Awesome pacing and page flips! This PB is great at wanting the reading to turn to the next page! 


Until next time! Perhaps I’ll make a review for wednesday or friday or…whenever! haha.




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