Colors are Friends

imageRight now, I’m editing my life away.

Well, not really, but it sure does feel like it. Does anyone out there have a good editing tool that they use?

My editing tool at this time is color, though I feel like color finds its meaning in my life multiple ways, like personality,  represents certain concepts (I think of a character color before I think of what they look like) so this also helps me edit.

Red: take out silly! I’m actually very salty with you.

Blue: I like this, perhaps think this over.

Orange: you need to decide what you want to do with this…I can’t for you.

yellow: icky buuuuuut there’s something important to say here.

I know there are many ways to edit, but highlighting a manuscript in different colors seems to suit me. Anyone else?

Also, just edited myself right now XD

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