Things Everywhere! Shapes

WEDNESDAY REVIEW! (Well, maybe I really should just move to Fridays…)

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Lizelot Versteeg, Board Book,  978-1-60537-241-9

SHAPES! They’re everywhere.

Arcs, rectangles, circles, squares, triangles, all of the many different shapes are found everywhere everyday, one only needs to look to find them. Each page has lots of shapes relating to different situations one goes through in daily life such as getting dressed in the morning, supplies at school, bath time shapes, playthings, and kitchen things. As the reader goes through each page, they must find the specified shape. Versteeg also created a little more challenging side activity that encourages the reader to find the different colored clocks throughout the pages as well. First published in Belgium titled Allemaal Dingen; Vormen and translated from Dutch to English, Versteeg’s cute, simple, and colorful illustrations directly interacts with the reader by asking questions about the daily activities involving the different shapes. This playful board book is designed to help the language development toddlers ages 30 months and up and is recommended.


OKAY, I reviewed a board book, technically not a picture book. BUT it has pictures and words right? So it’s a picture book, right? (wrong haha)

I had this review lined up and after talking a little to author/illustrator Joyce Hesselberth at the Baltimore Book Festival  this past weekend along with award winning  Jan Spivey Gilchrist (both fantastic illustrators, both very different in styles of illustrating) I realized I needed to get back to reviewing books for kids.

I hope (or will, I WILLL) write reviews for books created by both illustrator/authors. I bought a copy of Shape Shift from Hesselberth (so this is what’s up with the shape board book!) and WILL write up a review on here Shape Shift. 

Until next time~ (Friday maybe? Friday. FRIDAY)



2 thoughts on “Things Everywhere! Shapes

    • I think the main difference between the two is the age for one. This particular one is 30 months and up instead of a picture book, which tends to be around 4 to 8 years of age. The other difference is it’s sturdy, hard pages make them best for kids that young. Also, topics! Simpler topics like colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet are more likely to be in a board book, not that a pb can’t also be about these things, but the pb might have more of an older concept behind them. At least this is my understanding 🙂 But they are pretty close.


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