Looking Back at Stitching Butterflies

Stitching Butterflies was the third manuscript that I had made into a book dummy, illustrated “finalized” images, and intended to send it out to…someone… in hopes that it would eventually become published.

The “finalized” illustrations for this dummy happened to get critiqued on Take a Look Sunday on Kathy Temean’s blog that I’ve been intending to post on here.

Well, it wasn’t the best critique to have to go through but…I’ve had so much worse! It was actually encouraging because I knew what I needed to work on.

I had found a focus that I could spend my time and energy on, which was to make things more clear, work on my drawing for this and future projects, and to study how to make an illustration look more “professional”…I still don’t know what exactly “professional” really entails haha.

In the end I just need to pay attention to making my work look actually good! uhhbrighter copy 2.jpgalittleoutline copy.jpgstellaoutlined1 copy.jpg

These are STILL not finished the way that had I envisioned and I don’t even know if this is how one is supposed learn about themselves and their art,  but I did realize what I wanted out of a acrylic and digital mixed media style which I’ll post about tomorrow along with a review. 🙂

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