Another Wish List! Rules of Summer kinda Rules

I love Shaun Tan. He meets my surrealist love expectations like a hybrid Dr. Seuss and Tanguy or Ernst or Chirico with the colors of Chagall and maybe a dash of steam punk. My boyfriend bought Tan’s work over vacation (also yay I managed to get three people to buy a children’s book that day, AWESOME) and was amazed at the illustrations as well as the cute story between, what I’m assuming, brothers.


Sadly I didn’t get to the review I wanted to write for this piece, but that’s what the wish list is for right?

Add another to the list.

Part of the Wish List

This past Sunday I did my usual peruse around Barnes and Noble through the children’s section, you know, just to see what books are up front, what books seem to be grabbed up the most often, and making note of which books I would like to buy eventually.

I could go to my library to become closer to the books, but every time I go I get dirty looks like they don’t want me getting 20 PBs at once and I have a feeling that I lost a book and now I have to pay for it (I don’t wanna go back, the library lady turns me to stone with her glare…)

So I go to book stores, read PBs and take pictures of the ones that grab my attention.


I’ll just go with this one today as If You Ever want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, DON’T  by Elise Parsley was one of the first that caught my attention. Maybe that’s because I liked If you Ever want to Bring Your Alligator to School, DON’T but it’s probably the obscure idea of a little girl wanting to bring a piano to the beach.

The image above is the reason why I added this one to the wish list. Obscure scenario that catches attention-check. Cute illustrations and MC-check. The repetition of this scribbled colored font that makes the words awesomely contrast the scene-CHECK! Love it.