I Had to Pick from a Hat

Does anyone ever have that problem where you have a lot of ideas but don’t know which ones are good or worthwhile?

I’ve been having that problem for about five months now…and it’s really slowed down my work! What to do?

So I wrote the ideas down on little pieces of paper, threw em in a hat, and picked. Yup, let fate decide!

Fate decided that The Hungry Witch Mabel was the one to work on. I already had character designs, a manuscript, and colored pieces as a separate portfolio builder project…I just need the dummy.

I probably should’ve been editing this one all along.

crowcolor5 copy.jpg

So What’s Next?

I completed the Stitching Butterflies dummy and sent it to the LB Emerging Artist contest woot! (even though  I learned that I sent in a page out of order…whoops…well at least I completed the dummy lol, NEVER SEND IN THINGS LAST MINUTE Y’ALL)

So what’s next?

Well I completed these for my portfolio inspired by one of my manuscripts, The Hungry Witch Mabel.  

final??? copy.jpgfinal? copy.jpg


Five Speckled Frogs

fivespeckledfrongs1 copy.jpg


Huh, I wonder when I’m going to write another review on here…I know! I’ll write one over Christmas break, or two, or three…depends…

That aside, I’ve been illustrating quite a bit lately! And though I don’t want to show any non children’s books illustrations, I still have plenty that are children’s books related like the one above!

Lesson I’ve learned in the past year is, CRITIQUE GROUPS ARE WONDERFUL! Especially when they have monthly prompts :3


Lately I haven’t been writing many reviews but I have been writing for NaNoWriMo…and again procrastinating! I only have 7,000 words so far!

But during my procrastination sessions I’ve been going over the ink drawings I did for October and realized that even if I don’t meet the goals of the challenges, I’m still being creative and working slowly but surly on my goals that I’ve set for the year.

Cheers for procrastination on one project and completing another haha!merman copy.jpg



mermancolor copy.jpg